Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First contest!

Here it is! The first contest on my brand new blog! This is the first amigurumi in a group I call Safari Sidekicks. He was knit, felted and embellished in the span of about 3 hours. When he was feeling better after being stitched up, I had a brief interview with him.

"Hi. My name is Elephant, and I'm an alcoholic. What drove me to the bottle? Lack of a proper name."

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Don't let him be sad... name him! Take the info below and send it to me with subject line reading "Contest!" and be the first to get a PDF pattern to knit your own elephant!

Email address:
Elephant should be named:
Blog address (optional):

Send this to pinktankdesigns@yahoo.com. The contest will end on 6/24, so enter quick! Winner will be picked randomly and pattern sent on the 25th.

-- Andrea


Sam said...

I love him - cutest elephant ever! He's so round and looks so huggable. :) It's people like you that make me wish I could knit more than just flat things..

Luana said...

Good post.